A Global Community of Female Coworking Founders & Thought Leaders

Women Who Cowork is a community for community builders.

Whether you own and operate your own space or you are dreaming of launching a coworking community, this online platform has been especially designed to provide connection, support, innovative ideas and inspiration.

Simply stated, we believe that women are better, together.

We are stronger.

We are more creative.

We are healthier.

We are more balanced.

We are powerful beyond measure.

We are building and amplifying the coworking movement together

Coworking is the action that is changing the way we do business – through breaking down the silos and barriers between teams, individuals and strangers. It is a model of shared workspace, designed to inspire serendipitous connections while offering a supportive, collaborative platform from which entrepreneurs can bring their ideas into fruition.

Many describe it as a paradigm shift from the “old ways” of working, which often value hierarchy, exclusivity, competition and rigidity. Rather, it is a model built upon a groundwork of 5 core values: Openness, Collaboration, Sustainability, Community, and Accessibility.

Discover “a new way to work” and join the rising number of entrepreneurs, freelancers, nonprofits and start-ups who are choosing to work in community and in collaboration with one another