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The Global Directory of Women-Owned Coworking Spaces is a current list, yet not an exhaustive one, of female founders and their coworking spaces across the globe. It’s purpose is to bring attention to the women who are gifting us with their leadership and sharing their creative force to create the change they desire to see for themselves and for the other women and men they support.

These women leaders are creating their own spaces, expressing their unique leadership styles and cultivating a community of those who share their vision. 

Despite the many ways that a coworking space can be configured, there is a core belief at the center of this movement, and that belief is that we are stronger, more creative, healthier and more balanced when we work in collaboration with one another. The majority of us, committed to the coworking platform, believe that our future societal challenges will not be resolved through the lens of rugged individualism or dualistic thinking. The path that lies ahead is one that will require women and men working together, dreaming of new possibilities and creating sustainable structures to bring these ideas into being.

If you are a woman, currently launching or operating a coworking space, who is not on this list, please submit your information.



Housni Zbaghdi opened Philia Cowork & Childcare in Casablanca, Morocco in 2017

Ilham Halib opened 7AY coworking in Rabat, Morocco in 2014


Ineke Aquarius and Jantien Zuurbier opened Design Hub Kampala in Kampala, Uganda in 2017


Eva Etese opened HUB30 in Lagos, Nigeria in 2018



Shumate Royo opened The Office Project Coworking Studio in Makati, Philippines in 2015


Grace Sai opened the The Hub Singapore in Singapore in 2012

South Korea

Hyekyung Hwang opened Hive Arena in Seoul, South Korea in 2014


Marlies Bloemendaal opened Ministry of New in Maharashtra, India in 2012

Lakshmi M opened Jayavilla in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India in 2016

Sri Lanka

Sajani Amarasiri opened Colombo Cooperative in Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka in 2018 


Karen Bond opened NewportNet Coworking in Sydney, Australia in 2012

Carly Thompson-Barry opened Sass Place in Parkside, South Australia in 2013

Daniel Price opened She Will Shine in Melbourne, Australia in 2014

Elizabeth Reid opened St Paul’s Creative Centre in Adelaide, South Australia in 2014

Celia Newlands opened Central Business Associates in Brisbane, Queensland in 2015

Gianna Wurzl and Sheree Rubinstein opened One Roof Women in Melbourne, Australia in 2015.  

Stef Boadle opened Co.Co Place in Victoria, Australia in 2015

Natalie Taylor and Caroline Barton opened Biz Central in Southport, Queensland, Australia in 2016

Jeanie Hunter opened LIPSTICK Lane in Noosa, Queensland, Australia in 2018

Fiona Mayor opened The Thrive Network in South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in 2018



Romy Sigl opened Coworking Salzburg in Salzburg, Austria in 2012


Valerie Kinoo opened Coworking les Galeries in Brussels, Belgium in 2015


Hanane El Jamali opened Remix Coworking in Paris, France in 2013

Marion opened Entrelac in Annemasse, France in 2014

Pauline Thomas opened Le Laptop in Paris, France in 20


Silke opened Gewächshaus Düsseldorf in Düsseldorf, Germany in 2012

Sina opened combinat56 in Munich, Germany in 2010

Yvonne opened Garage Bilk in Düsseldorf, Germany in 2010


Dora opened KAPTÁR in Budapest, Hungry in 2012


Jennifer Buxton opened Beta Bar in Bar, Montenegro in 2016


Jeannine van der Linden opened deKamer, a network of 5 coworking spaces in the Netherlands in 2010


Torill Bye Wilhelmsen opened BETA Coworking Space in Oppland, Norway in 2016


Zoja Kukic opened Startit Centar in Belgrade, Serbia in 2015


Jelissa Risse, Nuria Unterlohner and Megan Tidbury opened The Village Coworking in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2017

Aurore Bui opened Soft Space in Genevea, Switzerland in 2015

Jenny opened Büro Lokal in Wil, Switzerland in 2013

Janan Shakur-Kilcher opens Cospire in Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland in 2019

Michelle Gasparovic opened Birdhaus in Zürich, Switzerland in 2018 


Claire Carpenter opened The Melting Pot in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2007

Trudi Lang opened Wild & Kind in Glasgow, Scotland in 2017


Ana opened Wohaby in Palma / Mallorca, Spain in 2013

Doris opened Rayaworx in Santanyí / Mallorca, Spain in May 2015

Deborah opened Depot Lab Coworking in Barcelona, Spain in 2016

Pamela opened CoFamily Coworking in Granada, Spain in 2016


North America



Christine Andrews opened Acme Works in Toronto, Ontario in 2013 

Emily Rose Antflick opened Shecosystem in Toronto, Ontario in 2016

Diane Chevalard opened Working Ensemble in Toronto, Ontario in 2016

Nancy Fornasiero opened Ace Coworking in Oakville, Ontario in 2018

Ashley Proctor opened Creative Blueprint Toronto in 2006, Foundery in Toronto, Ontario in 2011

Rachel Young opened Camaradrie Coworking in Toronto, Ontario in 2010

Amanda Munday opened The Workaround in Toronto, Ontario in 2018

Charlotte Kirby opened The Village Hive in Markham, Ontario in 2018

British Columbia

Minna Van opened the Network Hub in Vancouver, BC in 2006

Jennifer Vincent opened Cowork Penticton in Penticton, BC in 2012


Erynn Lyster opened The Commons Calgary in Calgary, Alberta in 2013 

Tracey opened the Grow Centre Cowork and Teaching Space in Edmonton, Alberta in 2014


Regine Apollon opened Le 29T Espace Collaboratif in Sainte-Therese, Quebec in 2014



Kimberly Kubalek opened Espacio in San Miguel de Allende, GTO in 2016

Nuevo León

Terexe Olivares opened Nstro.Lab Cowork in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México in 2015

United States


Tiana Patrice opened Women’s CEO Alliance in Dothan, AL in 2018


Jenny Poondingo opened CO+HOOTS in Phoenix, AZ in 2010

Jenna Garcia opened Infinity Coworking in Chandler, AZ in 2017

Shatha Barbour opened Hera Hub Phoenix in Phoenix, AZ in 2018


Barbara Sprenger opened The Satellite and Satellite Deskworks in Felton, CA in 2009.

Anamarie Sabbagh opened Start Up Grind in Palo Alto, CA in 2010

Peggy Dolgenos opened CruzioWorks in Santa Cruz, CA in 2011

Jamie Pudney Russo opened Enerspace Coworking in Chicago, IL in 2012 and opened a second location in Palo Alto, CA  in 2013

Anne McConaghay Cremarosa opened MIYB Spaces in Santa Maria, CA in 2014

Ehmandah Ramsey opened TwoTenEast in Los Angeles, CA in 2014

Sonja Rasula opened The Unique Space in Los Angeles, CA  in 2014

Jamie Orr opened Tahoe Mountain Lab in South Lake Tahoe, CA in 2014

Nancy Sexton opened The Muse Rooms Noho, The Muse Rooms Burbank, in Burbank in Los Angeles, CA in 2015 

Silvana Arzeno Toledo opened Collab&Play in Glendale, CA in 2015

Felena Hanson opened Hera Hub  in San Diego, CA in 2011 and has 3 more locations as of 2016

Rebecca Brian Pan opened Covo in San Francisco, CA in 2016

Andie Grace and Cheryl Edison opened The Factory 510 in San Leandro, CA in 2016

Sally Newson opened MindTank Work Club in Ross, CA in 2016

Ehmandah Ramsey opened 210East in Claremont, CA in 2016

Kayla Pendleton opened Her Space in Fresno, CA in 2017

Kate McEachern opened The Office in Berkeley, CA in 2017

Jenny Chan opened Treehouse Society  in San Francisco, CA in 2017

Taryn Rasgon opened Biz Babez in Los Angeles, CA in 2017


Angel Kwiatkowski opened Cohere in Fort Collins, CO in 2010

Jen Thoemkel founded Connects Workspace located in Golden, CO in 2015

Lindsay Ann Sworski opened Boulder Healing Hub, LLC in Boulder, CO in 2015

Yev Muchnik opened ESQLegal in Denver, CO in 2017


Katherine Warman Kern opened COMRADITY in Stramford, CT in 2014


Laura Seijo McGlynn opened Social House in Lake Worth, FL in 2015

Cynthia Wilkins Dailey opened ScribbleSpace in Windermere, FL in 2015

LaKay Cornell opens the Space in St. Augustine, FL in 2019


Katharine Chestnut opened Alkaloid Networks in Atlanta, GA in 2015

Marguarette Diep opened 3411 Coworking in Chamblee, GA in 2017

Susan Smith opened e-transform Coworking in Peachtree Corners, GA in 2017

Adrienne Hill opened The Brand Box Club in  Roswell, GA in 2018


Liane Jackson opened Free Range Office in Chicago, IL in 2013

Alize Okmen opened DeskLabs in Chicago, IL in March 2016

Nicole Renée Vasquez opened The Shift in Chicago. IL in 2014

Sue Reardon opened Suite Spotte Coworking in La Grange, IL in 2014

Mara Silverman Hauser opened 25N Coworking in Geneva, IL, in 2015 and opened a second location in Arlington Heights, IL in 2017

Jarius Edens opened The Kreative Lounge & Social Kollective in Sprinfeild, IL 2017.

Karen Hawkins and Tiffany English opened Ladies Room Chicago in Chicago, IL in 2017

Alicia Driskill opened evolveHer in Chicago, IL in 2018

Emily Britton-Arnold opens Mio Creativo in Peoria, IL in 2019


Jen Handley and Laurie opened The Hatch in Indianapolis, IN  in 2016.


Diane Daby opened Springboard Coworking in Sioux City, IA in 2013


Elizabeth Trice opened Peloton Labs in Portland, ME in 2011

Lillie Lavado opened HardScrabble Solutions in Presque Isle, ME in 2017


Melissa Tapper Goldman and Lisa Wasserman Sivan opened Workshop Brookline in Boston, MA in 2016

Bo Abrams opens CoWork Gloucester in Gloucester, MA in 2018


Shervonne Cherry opened Spark Baltimore in Baltimore, MD in 2016

Michelle Coyle opens Takowork in Takoma Park, MD in 2017


Amanda Lewan opened Bamboo Detroit in 2013 and Nicole Mangis launched Bamboo East 

in Detroit, MI in 2016

Shira Schwartz opened Detroit City Study in Detroit, MI July 2016

Kate Redman opened Commonplace in Traverse City, MI in 2017


Katie Boone opened Envision Lab in Mankato, MN in 2015

Betsy Bonnet opened WORKUP in Willmar, MN in 2015

Anne Hendrickson opened Work it in St. Paul, MN in 2017 

Lisa Akinseye and her two partners opened Evolve Workplace in West Saint Paul, MN in 2017


Melissa Mann Saubers opened Cowork Waldo – Coworking Space + Meeting Rooms in Kansas City, MO 2013

Amanda Quick opened The Hatchery in Columbia, MO in 2017


Audrey Moss opened Cowork Bozeman, MT in 2017


Kate White opens Third Space Coworking & Childcare in Omaha, NE in 2018


Dana Berggren opened The Coop in Las Vegas, NV in 2017

New Jersey

Noelle Starry opened The (Co)working Space in Woodbridge, NJ in 2012 

Deborah Engel opened Work and Play in South Orange, NJ in 2015

New Mexico

Brook Barnes and Jessica Johnson opened Edge Coworking in Clovis, NM in 2017 

New York

Allison Reeves opened Shared Brooklyn in Red Hook, NY in 2014

Argentina Flores opened QNS Collective – Coworking in Queens, NY in 2014

Julie Robbins and Nicole Nanglois opened One EPIC Place in New Paltz, NY in 2016

DeJohnette Lewis opened The Coop in Middletown, NY in 2017

Sarah Cohen opened The SHED Workspace in Sag Harbor, NY in 2018

North Carolina

Joanna Bailey opened COTERIE Company in Charlotte, NC in 2016

Alisun Pages opened Focal Point Coworking in Asheville, NC in 2018


Kristen Hadley opened WorkIT Coworking Center in Stillwater, OK in 2017


Stacy Kessler opened Platform 53 in Cincinnati, OH in 2013 (technically it’s across the river in Covington, KY)

Meg Cooper and Peggy Bustamante opened Gather Cincy in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2018


Kelly Thiel, Wallis Levin and Karen Ruane opened The Wilds in Bend, OR in 2015

Aloma Loren Murray opened Eugene Mind Works in Eugene, OR in 2014

Dayna and Cole Reed opened NXT Industries: The Lab in Portland, OR in 2015


Anne Kirby opened The Candy Factory & Rock Candy in Lancaster, PA in 2010

Trish Digliodo opened Paramount Co-Op in Ambrige, PA in 2015

Tina Nerelli and Stephanie Gambescia Seal opened Bizzy Mamas Coworking in Ardmore, PA, 2015

Mindy Lipsky & Rebecca Moussa opened Productivity Pointe LLC in Pottstown, PA in 2016

Stephanie Desaulniers  opened Covation Center in Williamsport, PA 2017

Heather Fish opened Foundry CoWork in Meadville, PA in 2018

Fatima Fisher opens Relax and Hang in Philadelphia, PA in 2019

Deborah Cavrak opens The Ahfis- creative coworking in Murrysville, PA in 2019


Katharine Richardson opened InDo Nashville in Nashville, TN in 2015 


Kay Dee opens MELD Coworking in Austin, TX in January, 2018

Shelley Delayne opened Orange Coworking in Austin, TX in 2015

Liz Elam opened Link CoWorking in 2010 Link Too in 2012 and Link Flex in 2016 in Austin, TX. Creator of GCUC, which launched 2011

Sarah Griesemer opened Launch Wellness in Austin, TX in 2015

Laura Shook Guzman opened Soma Vida Wellness Coworking in Austin, TX in 2008

Felicity Maxwell opened fibercove in Austin, TX in 2015 

Amanda Kay Phillips opened The Comeback Space in Austin, TX in 2016 (closed)

Daryn DeZengotita opened The Mix Coworking in Dallas, TX in 2016

Amy M. King opened  GoodWork in Dallas, TX in 2017

Tamara Carlen Payne opened Ensemble Coworking in Ft. Worth, TX in 2015

Monique T. LaCour opened Houston Business Lounge in Houston, TX in 2015

Chandler Bohnn Gray opened CoWork Factory in New Braunfels, TX in 2015

Sally Aguilar-Robertson and Mari Aguirre-Rodriguez opened The Workery in San Antonio, TX in 2016

Carina Boston Pinales opened Splash Coworking in San Marcos, TX in 2017

Reagan Wilcox opened The Union Hall Workspace in Amarillo, TX in 2017

Hayley Swindell opened The Refinery in Austin, Texas in 2018

Jill Dretzka opened Work and Woof in Austin, Texas in 2018

Carrie Hill opened Annex Coworking in San Antonio, Texas in 2018


Kathryn Christiansen opened myBusinessBar in Salt Lake City, UT in 2102


Michelle Coyle opened GSD Workclub in Alexandria, VA in 2017

Ali Greenberg opened The Broad in Richmond, Virginia in 2018


Caitlin Agnew and Lana Morisoli opened The Makers Space in Seattle, WA in 2011

Marnee Chua and Jessie Rymph opened Works Progress in Seattle, WA in 2012

Susan Dorsch opened Office Nomads in Seattle, WA in 2007

Sarah Hines opened Women’s Business Incubator in Seattle, WA in 2017

Ashley Proctor opened Creative Blueprint Seattle in Seattle, WA 2015

Alanna Imbach opened Vibe Coworks in Poulsbo, WA in 2016

Amy Nelson opened The Riveter in Seattle, WA in 2017 

Tracey Warren opened InSpark Coworking in Lynwood, WA in 2017


Tiffanie Mark opened Matrix Coworking in Madison, WI in 2013

Elaine Friedman Glowacki opened PinkSpace Coworking in Madison, WI in 2017

South America


Ana Carolina Moreira Bavon opened Feminaria in São Paulo, Brazil in 2016

Carina Borrego, Fernnada Santiago Torres, Luciana Jansen, and Luana Cruz opened Casa de Viver in São Paulo, Brazil in 2015


Cabezas Ximena opened Conexion EC Coworking in Quito, Ecuador in 2016

United Kingdom 


Victoria Donnelly opened WorkClub in London in 2017

Lu Li opened Blooms London Business in London in 2017

If you are a woman founder/owner of a coworking space, we invite you to please join our private Facebook group, Women Who Cowork, to ask for support, share your voice or simply co-inspire one another.

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    Hello, there is a famous and popular coworking space in Berlin (Germany). It is a queer feminist space run by and all bpoc team and the founders are migrant women:
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