When was the last time you allowed yourself to slow down and reconnect to what drives you?

Was it at the last Women Who Cowork retreat?

If so, you’re due for another round of self-care in a circle of community, inspiration and support. And we’ve got you covered.

We’re excited to partner with GCUC Canada to take the next Women Who Cowork Retreat to the stunning Banff National Park, October 19-21 in the days preceding the GCUC conference.

We’re already buzzing with anticipation about this extraordinary event partnership and we want you to be there to experience it with us!

Women Who Cowork Banff
Be an Early Bird

Early bird ticket sales end this Thursday, August 9, which happens to be International Coworking Day. If you plan to join us in Banff, now is the time to get the best price on your retreat ticket.

We’ll decompress, connect, learn, share, relax and rejuvenate together. Then, once we’ve reconnected to our calm and centered selves, we’ll be prepped and ready for GCUC Canada, which we urge you to attend.

The Canadian version of GCUC, which is produced by Ashley Proctor, is laser-focused on community, authenticity and furthering the global coworking movement. It’s an unforgettable, must-do for space operators working to build spaces for people to thrive in.

The Women Who Cowork event is an extraordinary opportunity to retreat with our community before shifting into GCUC Canada mode.

As early birds to Banff, we’ll already be open, inspired and in a collaborative space before the conference even begins. We will be primed and ready to move into deep business learning, sharing and connection with our global community of coworking enthusiasts. If you’re going to GCUC Canada, purchase tickets to the conference at canada.gcuc.co.
Women Who Cowork

Who is the Women Who Cowork Retreat for?

  • Female founders of coworking spaces
  • Leaders and visionaries in the coworking movement
  • Community managers of coworking spaces

What will we do at the Women Who Cowork retreat?

Weaving in and out of intentional solitude, purposeful connection, experiential learning and wellness we will:

  • Slow down, unplug and experience the restorative benefits of nature
  • Laugh and maybe even shed some tears
  • Allow yourself to let go and release what is no longer serving you
  • Move your body to the rhythms of nature through yoga, rock climbing and hiking
  • Enjoy time with friends around a natural hot springs pool
  • Have the opportunity to wake for the sunrise, take in the sunset and gaze at the stars
  • Nourish yourself with mindful, healthy eating
  • Experience intentional solitude
  • Take time for self-reflection, journaling and sketching
  • Quiet the mind with guided meditation and mindfulness
  • Learn how to experience “yoga off the mat,“ returning to work/life with mindful attention and allegiance to self.
  • Learn from, and share with, coworking veterans and peers in an interactive and mutually-supportive format
  • Share wisdom and best practices for both businesses and managing the busy life of a coworking entrepreneur
  • Develop connections with a global community of other female coworking founders
  • Take time to relax, pamper yourself and rejuvenate before returning to your community ready to try all your new ideas

Sound divine? We think so and we hope you’ll join us for this nourishing and transformative retreat.

Get your early bird ticket today.

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