Women Who Cowork is making plans for our upcoming retreat, April 13-15, in Denver, Colorado. We’re planning a powerful pre-GCUC event and we couldn’t be more excited.

The first Women Who Cowork retreat in Austin, Texas set a high bar, as attendees showed up ready to share, learn, connect and get real. It was an unforgettable event and we’re looking forward to co-creating the powerful, collaborative Women Who Cowork magic again in Denver.

If you’ve attended a Women Who Cowork retreat, you know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t yet experienced the Women Who Cowork community in person, the feedback we’ve received from attendees may be the nudge you need to get your ticket and join us in Denver.

Here are nine reasons to attend the retreat, from the women who know:

1. “Holy crap. Lit a fire under my butt to think bigger and be braver and stronger.”

2. “I love what comes out of group discussions like those. Sparks so many conversations and ideas.”

3. “It’s powerful to be in a circle of women who are successful, totally badass, and imperfect and vulnerable. This retreat re-calibrated me in my work and life.”

4. “Honestly I had somewhat mixed expectations, so the end result was truly amazing! It was great balance between inspiration and hands-on learning. Kudos to the organizers for crafting such a well rounded retreat. And honestly, the impact has already been tremendous—it was just the tonic I needed with regards to my own journey as a space operator.”

5. “Emotional intelligence and business savvy were both off the charts at this powerful, beautiful, unique retreat. I walked away feeling so fired up to roll up my sleeves and get back to work to help co-create the future of coworking with these amazing women.”

6. “I see the power women can make collectively on this industry and in business. By creating a space for women, we can then invite others into it and make them feel empowered and safe.”

7. “Y’all are so inspiring. I am grateful and honored to have gotten to be part of the first one of these. I feel like it’ll be a “thing” that history looks back on fondly.”

8. “I know it’s a tremendous labor of love to build this community—one that takes both of you away from your own work as professionals, mothers, etc. Please know that this weekend felt like a huge leap forward for Women Who Cowork and I was so proud to be there and see the genesis of all the fantastic things to come.”

9. “My sincerest thanks. I’m more connected, savvier, clearer, more confident and happier because of what you two have created for us.”

The Women Who Cowork Retreat takes place April 13-15 in Denver, Colorado, just before GCUC. It includes a wellness day and a business mastermind day. More information and tickets: Women Who Cowork Spring 2019 Retreat



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