Last year, the World Economic Forum shared five myths that are holding women back in the workplace. It got us thinking about some of the myths Women Who Cowork is busting as we work to connect, empower and support women space owners, operators and community managers. From the sisterhood glass ceiling to overly-chatty gatherings, here are our top seven.

1. That women in business are mean girls

Where did this one come from, anyway? The backwards idea that a successful woman, or a woman in a position of power or influence must have scrapped her way there by stepping on toes and taking that dreadful “it’s not personal, it’s business” approach to her career?

This just doesn’t prove true in our experience with Women Who Cowork. Since our beginning, we have intentionally fostered an ethos of inclusivity and support for all femme-identified people in the coworking movement. Building on the core values of coworking, we are a diverse community of women who support, encourage and inspire each other. Women in business are smart, purposeful, focused and ambitious. We celebrate this!

2. That the sisterhood glass ceiling is unavoidable

The sisterhood glass ceiling, where one woman gets ahead and then keeps other women from getting a foothold because there’s only room for one of us, is the opposite of what we’re doing in Women Who Cowork and beyond.

There is room at the top for everyone. And, the more inclusive and diverse organizations, including our coworking spaces and the workspace industry at large, are, the stronger the movement is.

3. That nothing gets done at women’s gatherings—that it’s just a bunch of talking

We love a good conversation. And we believe that the more honest and vulnerable we allow ourselves to be with our community, the stronger and clearer we become about our life, our work and making the world a better place.

That being said, Women Who Cowork is a community of women running coworking spaces, managing coworking communities, offering consulting and services to the larger workspace movement, and generally getting shit done. We take our work very seriously and pride ourselves on helping each other become more successful.

Women Who Cowork events are a perfect balance of community, connection and business development. Yes, we’ll talk about all the things, but we’ll also mastermind your challenges, share ideas, tips and insights, and support you in running a profitable, sustainable space.

4. That there’s only place for one woman at the top

This is a circle community, not a hierarchy. We strongly believe that we are better together. There is room for every woman, and femme-identified person—in Women Who Cowork.

5. That women are cliquish

Women Who Cowork is an all-in community. We value inclusion and diversity and work to make all women feel welcome and valued.

6. That women are judgy

We’re not judgy and we don’t attract judgy types. Enough said?

7. That women-focused groups are uncomfortable

I guess this one depends on what makes you uncomfortable. If you want to keep things real, make genuine connections and be celebrated for being your brilliant, unique, authentic self, then you’ll feel right at home. If you’d rather not share, collaborate and support your fellow coworking women, you might feel uncomfortable—but we’ll do our best to make sure you don’t.

Want to bust myths and make connections? Join us!

If you want to help us bust myths and further the coworking movement, join us for the Women Who Cowork retreat in Denver, Colorado, April 13-15, the weekend before GCUC. We have a group house reserved and have planned a weekend full of community-building, personal wellness, and business development. Get your ticket now.

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  1. DeltaCoworks

    Wonderful article! I truly enjoy taking a perceived weakness and showing how it is actually a strength. It is going to take true open communication, the way women have always communicated best, to solve the problems of the day.