Have you ever been in the presence of a great leader? If so, how did you feel? Most likely you felt their presence, their intention and their connection to you and the cause they were leading.

But you might be wondering, “what was THAT feeling, exactly?” And, how do you elicit that feeling in those around you?

The answer is quite simple. You step fully into the present moment, into the “here and now”, embodying the values you are intending to inspire and activate in those around you.

You expand into your own heart and purpose while you inspire those around you to do the same.

You go all “heart-in” on your leadership. 

Simple, right?

Ok, so maybe a simple answer but not a simple practice. 

Because in order to become a “heart-in” leader, one must practice such things as authenticity and vulnerability, and according to a recent Forbes Women article, research has found that there are 5 key values in the hearts-in leadership style. 

  • Practice What You Preach
  • Let Values Guide Your Behavior
  • Show Your Vulnerability
  • Make Yourself Available
  • Remain Visible

What do all of these traits have in common? They require us to be connected, connected to ourselves and connected to one another.

This style of leadership asks us to be in connection, aligned with our values and present with our community.

And, you know what else? This “feeling”, this leadership approach, is at the heart of coworking.

So, when we read this article, we immediately thought of you, the women who cowork.

We thought about the ways in which you are “going all hearts-in” with your communities, being the change you want to see in the world, putting it all out there every day. And, we want to say, “thank you”. 

Thank you for the work you do to change the future of work. The vulnerability you practice to inspire those around you. The way you make yourself available to your community every day.

And, we also want to say, “we’ve got you.”

This community of women has your back. The coworking movement has your back. We are in this revolution, together. 

Coworking is a movement, a heart-centered practice, transforming the way that we connect, and it needs your “heart-in” leadership, today and every day.

You’ve got this.

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