These are challenging times, unprecedented times, and most entrepreneurs are finding themselves fighting hard to say afloat. And coworking businesses, who exist to support the gathering, connection and collaboration of people are fighting hard to keep their doors open.

We can see all of the energy you are pouring into your businesses. Since March you’ve been doing even more cleaning, setting up remote programming, negotiating with your landlord, enhancing your virtual membership, running virtual tours, installing social distancing signage and writing up your new health and safety protocols. You’re so busy keeping the business afloat that you’re exhausted.

And, we want to take a moment, to jump in here and remind you, ourselves included, that people are not showing up for your perfectly produced Zoom call or your unique virtual background.

Connection is the reason they show up.

You are the reason they show up.

They are showing up for the community – the people on the other side of the screen.

They are showing up for to the experience of connection that you’ve built together.

Now, don’t get us wrong. That fantastic content you’re creating? Spot on! 

The way you have pivoted your business to a virtual audience? Brilliant!

Your thoughtful redesign and floor plan to ensure health and safety? So good!

You are doing ALL THE THINGS.

But, at the end of the day, why do they show up? Why do they stay?

Because of the community and the sense of belonging they experience when immersed in the culture of connection that you have worked so hard to build. 

Yet, we know, firsthand, the tremendous amount of energy that goes into building and nourishing your community. And, at the end of the day, if you are showing up for them, the bigger question to ask, is “Who will be showing up for you?“.

This is the question that ignited our passion for Women Who Cowork and, therefore, led us to the creation of a community for the community builders.

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU, the female and non-binary founders of the coworking movement. 


Having a safe space to show up exactly as you are EVERY WEEK

Being in a group where everyone understands the coworking model 

Feeling validated by women and non-binary folks who know exactly what you’re going through

Having the permission to fall apart and talk about your fear

Being able to ask for help

Having the ability to show up in your bathrobe, no questions asked

Learning new tools for self-care and mental wellness

And receiving personalized, high level business coaching from coworking experts and WWCO Founders, Laura and Iris

All of this support, available every week, for less than what you would have to pay for one individual coaching session. 

We are up leveling our Founder support to include our newly designed Mastermind Support Call, at just $97 a month. 

It’s called the Founder Elevated Membership and it is designed to help you get the support and guidance you need while taking care of yourself and operating your coworking business during a global pandemic.

With your ELEVATED experience, you receive access to the Women Owned Collaborative Space Alliance (WOCSA) and all of the membership perks included in the Founder Membership PLUS

Weekly Virtual Support Sessions
Weekly Mastermind Group Sessions
And a PRIVATE Mighty Networks Community.

All the business and mental wellness support you need for only $97/month or receive one month free when you sign up for a year!

Ready to get started? Sign up today for your Founder Elevated Membership and receive the weekly coaching, guidance and encouragement you’ve been seeking.

Iris and Laura will be holding space for you so we encourage you to sign up today and start receiving the support you deserve.

Here’s what current members are saying…

I heart coworking people and now more than ever. This is a wonderful group that provides support all the time. Thank you ladies!” – WOCSA Member

Coworking is tough. Starting a community from scratch is no easy feat. Managing a community as it evolves while trying to stay personable (and of course: profitable!) is even harder. But having a supportive network of other Women Who Cowork makes even the most stressful of days easy to get through because I know other women are experiencing the same challenges and are happy to offer advice and solutions when I ask.” – WWCO Member

Have a question? Email [email protected] and we will be happy to answer any questions.

 Ready to join us? CLAIM YOUR WEEKLY SUPPORT – You deserve it!

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