The one thing that every coworking operator needs to know
is that nothing is more important than your mental health. There is power in rest.

Especially now.

It’s been a year, and, like most of us, you are beyond exhausted. You’ve been keeping your business and your community members afloat, but who is taking care of you? 

If the answer to that question has you scratching your head, you are not alone. A few of the biggest challenges facing business owners and operators is overwhelm, isolation and lack of support. 

So, we started thinking…what if we planned a day of rest, recovery and connection? What would it take to clear our calendars for half of a day and take a deep collective exhale?

Take a moment to imagine…

  • having downtime where you can think more clearly and breathe more deeply 
  • taking time to slow down and become more intentional with what’s next 
  • feeling motivated and energized again
  • learning new tools for mental wellness that you can start using right away
  • experiencing connection with other community builders that understand what you’re going through

And all you would need is to clear half of your day for you, saying “no” to all the things and saying “yes” to self.

The good news? You can do more than imagine it, you can experience it.

On June 18th, Iris Kavanagh and Laura Shook Guzman, LMFT, of Women Who Cowork will be facilitating a mental health retreat for coworking founders and operators who are ready to slow down, recover from the brink of burnout and feel clear and energized again. 

It’s called The Mental Health Retreat for Coworking Operators and it is designed to help you shed the overwhelm and exhaustion of the past 18 months and reclaim rest. 

Your experience will include:

  • pressing the pause button and learning practical strategies for energy management
  • learning neurowellness practices that can increase happiness and regulate your mood
  • a virtual nature walk meditation 
  • writing prompts for deepening reflection 
  • small group interaction to boost connection
  • a sense of belonging with a community of your peers
  • micro-lessons on entrepreneurial mental health and best practices for preventing burnout
  • learning how to prioritize behaviors that promote relaxation.

Ready to learn how a work ethic rooted in rest can restore your energy and clarity?

View the full agenda and register today for your retreat experience:

*This is a gender inclusive event, all gender identities and expressions are welcome.

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