You know that feeling you get when you walk into a room and instantly feel you’ve found your people?

That’s the feeling that keeps people coming back to their coworking space, day after day. And, as a coworking founder, you’ve likely become the leader who is creating that space for others, creating that experience of belonging.

So, one question remains.

Where do you go to experience a supportive container that holds space for you? 

Being a leader can be exhilarating, but let’s be honest, it can also be exhausting because you are being the container, being the rock, being the one everyone else looks to. And when you’re running a coworking business, you’re surrounded by amazing members all supporting each other in running their businesses, but you can feel all alone because none of them know what it takes to run your business.

Imagine a space where you can let everything go… a place where you can go to be vulnerable, raw and messy. A community where you have full permission to show up as you are. And a community that you can look to for leadership, inspiration and support.

The WWCO Leadership Retreat, recently held in Denver, prior to GCUC, provided exactly that experience and we all came away with AWE-some moments that radically shifted our way of being with ourselves and with our business. 

It is those moments that reaffirm our mission for WWCO. It is seeing the way you all walk into shared space, instantly finding your people and moving in, to raise one another up, without a moment of hesitation. 

You, courageous leaders, are our inspiration and we are grateful to forge new ways of working and new ways of being, with each and every one of you.  

To provide more visibility and support, we’ve created a new membership platform, specially designed for female founders, community managers, and thought-leaders in the coworking movement.

What’s offered in our new platform?

  • Membership in the Global Alliance of Women Who Cowork
    • Online searchable map
    • A listing platform showcasing the female-founded spaces
    • Advanced listing features on our map to increase your visibility
    • Callouts featuring your unique amenities
  • Connecting you to other women who understand your business:
    • Founder profiles: we are highlighting YOU, the woman behind your community
    • Connection directly through the platform using internal messaging
    • Private Facebook group
  • Tools and resources to help you grow and sustain your business:
    • Gain access to retreats, meet-ups and in-person gatherings
    • Experience a sense of community for yourself while you are building community for others
    • Consulting, resources and curated vendor discounts

We are currently offering two levels of membership. A free level accessible to anyone, and our introductory plan which includes some enhanced features. We will be rolling out additional features and membership levels in the coming months.

This is a labor of love that Laura and Iris have been dreaming of building for two years, we are thrilled to be supported by the team in making our dream of showcasing YOU a reality!

Letting the world know that the women of the coworking movement are here is why WWCO exists. Building community for each of us is what drives us forward and fills us up. Thank you for being part of this journey with us!

We can’t wait to see what more you co-create!

In service,

Iris and Laura

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